Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 365 Day Challenge--Day 27

This picture was taken Friday night but I'm just getting around to posting it, so it will be my day 27 picture.  I took this picture at my 38th concert for my favorite band, O.A.R.  I have been listening to them since my junior year of high school (1997), when they were just starting out as a college band at Ohio State.  I did not get to see them live until May of 2001 because they did not tour much in TN or CA.  Whenever they come to CA I always seem them, sometimes multiple times!  It used to be a *must* that I be on the front row of their concerts--I would get there early and stand in line.  Now I time it just right to get there right before they go on and usually stand or sit in the back!  Oh how times have changed, but I still love the music just as much!


Jud and Bevin Nave said...

me too....love them!

AndySaysHi said...

sounds like someone is getting lazy