Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sneak peeks of my new baby

My friend Erin, the current owner of the letterpress, sent me some pictures of the press this morning.  I have to share!

From Letterpress

From Letterpress

This is a picture of a chest of type

From Letterpress

A drawer of type.  Each drawer is one font and each little compartment is one letter

From Letterpress

A close up of the type 

From Letterpress

These are some pictures of our wedding invites, inserts, programs and menus....all printed on this press!!!  These were not made by hand setting type like you see above.  A photopolymer plate was made from a digital image and pressed into the paper.  I found the best calligrapher EVER in Massachusetts, Maria Thomas at Pendragon.  She wrote out our invitations and then I had the plate created to press from and here they are.  They were my favorite thing from our wedding (besides Chris, of course!)  Check out more of her amazing products on her online store, Maria Thomas Online.


Jessica said...

I LOVED your invitations and all that suff for your wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! How exciting you finaly get the press!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so all the pcs and parts!