Thursday, March 26, 2009

Plane made emergency landing in Boston

About 4 hours into our flight I knew something was wrong. I have a huge fear of flying so any noise or movement alerts me. I noticed that the plane kept turning slightly, which I thought was odd because it is a straight shot from JFK to Paris. The plane would also ever so slightly gain and lose altitude. Chris said he didn't notice anything but I am always overreacting with things like this. Then I noticed the map on the TV screen that shows our progress to Paris had our plane headed in the WRONG DIRECTION! I looked out the window and saw clouds that were lit up from underneath--we were over land, not water. We should have been in the middle of the Atlantic by now. I'm freaking out even more (while most everyone around us is sleeping) so Chris tells me to ask the flight attendant (he said this to calm my fears--but nothing was calming my fears). Chris is such a practical guy so he is always trying to reassure me that everything is ok. My mind was racing with the possibilities of what could be wrong. If there is a mechanical problem when is the captain going to tell us? Or my worst fear--is someone else in control of this plane? I am about to hit the flight attendant call button to ask questions when the captain comes over the speaker. I told chris "I was right!! Something is wrong!!!".

The captain said we had a mechanical failure to a standby system and that it did not put us in immediate danger, but if something were to happen, we would have no backup. So, it would not be possible for us to cross the Atlantic in this plane and we are headed back to Boston.

I am typing this as we are about to land in Boston. We have to stay on the plane while they assess the situation. They have no idea how long it will take to fix but we could turn around and head back to Paris or the plane could be out of comission and who knows how long we'll be in Boston. I don't want to stay on this plane at all. I want off.

I will post updates as we get them.

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