Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are leaving JFK in moments. It is so foggy here we can't see much past the planes beside us. It is also raining in France...for days! Oh well, maybe Mont Saint Michel is pretty in fog! When we land at 6:20 am local time we will drive 4 or so hours to the Chateau de Bouceel near Mont Saint Michel. Check it out at We are staying in the Marquise room. Then we'll go to the Loire Valley and stay at the Chateau de Reignac Then it's off to the Volcano region (Auvergne region) staying at staying in the Beaujolais room (hope I'm spelling that right. Then to the Languedoc-Roussillion region at we are then turning in the retal car in Montpellier and flying to Paris staying in a Gothic hotel attached to a church in Paris (I think that's the website, this is all from memory! Ok we are pulling back now!

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