Monday, October 20, 2008

Beauty in my backyard

I found a new lookout spot in Malibu last weekend. I usually go up to the Heroes Garden at Pepperdine for a good view but this is totally private and hard to find, so I can't imagine ever running into anyone here. All of these photos were taken from the lookout. Finding places like this make me realize how blessed I am!

Anacapa Island
in the distance

Catalina Island in the opposite direction

Boney Ridge


Sunny said...

We visited Pepperdine back in '06. It is absolutely gorgeous out there! I love finding spots where you can just soak in the beauty of God's creation. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

That is beautiful! We were in CA in June (my first time) and we went to this "famous" seafood restaurant right off the beach in Malibu - it was beautiful in that area! I can't even imagine living there.