Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Katy Southern Photography

Everyone that lives in the Nashville or Atlanta areas....take note of a great new photographer! Katy Southern is now in business and her pictures are amazing! Check out her website at

I know some of you out there love your pets just as much as I do, and wouldn't it be cool to have some pro pics of your fuzzy friend? If I lived there she'd be taking photos of Riley every few months!

In addition to pet portaits, she also does photos of families, seniors and children.

Click on these photos to enlarge and see the great detail!

What a stunning horse!

One of her favorite subjects is her precious baby boy, James Henry! He has electric blue eyes that always make for a beautiful photo.

And my favorite picture of hers:


Katy Southern said...

I would be honored to "shoot" Riley Bear! Buddy wants me to schedule a play date-

Thank you for your kind words Liz!

chesley said...

Cute stuff!