Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's hot!

It is really hot here in Southern California. Something like 92 degrees. I know you Tennessee people are laughing at that but that is really hot for here! Not having air conditioning in our house doesn't make for great sleep at night. Poor Riley is just laid out on the floor not moving. Shana, Chris and I are going to Crystal Cove Beach today. We have wanted to check Crystal Cove out for a while because they have these really cool cottages you can rent. Whenever we want to take a day trip we almost always go north--Santa Barbara. I have to make myself not go in that direction! I have really only been to Orange County and San Diego a handful of times and today will be one of them. We'll probably eat dinner in Laguna. I'll post pictures when we return!

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Sunny said...

I hate that the weather is not good right now. I can't wait to see pictures! Just the other day I was telling Jason that I wished that we had the California weather here. We honeymooned in San Diego (with a side trip to LA) and a couple of years ago we were at Pepperdine in Malibu.