Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Italy Day 1--Cozette's first day in Europe!

We said goodbye to Lee Ann and Ricardo and flew to Rome. We have been to Italy before but what made this trip special is that Chris's mother, Cozette, was meeting us there! This was her first time in Europe and we planned to show her Rome and the region of Le Marche in style. After a delayed flight we got to Rome just in time to eat a late dinner and settle in to our great b&b in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, the Arco dei Tolomei. I highly recommend this bed and breakfast. I am very picky when it comes to where we stay while traveling abroad and this place did not disappoint. I found it through my most trusted traveling companion, Karen Brown. If you are not using a Karen Brown guide when traveling to Europe then you are doing it all wrong, I must say. We have stayed at many of her recommended properties in France, Italy and Spain and have never been let down. Her driving itineraries are wonderful too. Karen has my dream job!

Our bed and breakfast was located on a tiny street through this ancient archway

From 12/20/11 Italy Day 1-Rome

The best thing about our bed and breakfast was definitely the owner, Marco. The reason we choose to stay in b&b's is because you get personal interaction with the owners. We enjoy getting insider tips on places to go and definitely places to eat. Marco has lived in Rome his entire life and sent us to restaurants he has been eating at since he was a child in many cases. We have never had such luck with great food in Europe as we did in Rome these few days. The last time we were in Italy we weren't as impressed with the food as everyone told us we would be but this trip made up for it!

All the restaurants Marco recommended were in Trastevere just a few meters from the b&b. By the way--Trastevere is definitely the place we will stay if we return to Rome. Specifically southern Trastevere. It is not very touristy and we loved all the restaurants.

Marco sent us to Ristorante Antico Carlone on this night

From 12/20/11 Italy Day 1-Rome

I had the ravioli with carcofi (artichoke) on Marco's recommendation. Amazing!

From 12/20/11 Italy Day 1-Rome

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