Saturday, October 03, 2009

More letterpress

I did some printing today and took pictures of some of the steps.  Here you can see my hands on the movable type that creates the impression on the paper.  I am adding "furniture" (the pieces of wood) around the type so that I can "lock it up" for printing.

From Letterpress

Putting the chase (the metal frame that holds the type) into the press

From Letterpress

Putting blue ink on the press

From Letterpress

Manually turning the flywheel to test out the press

From Letterpress

I mixed blue and black ink to make navy

From Letterpress

This is a close up of the type.  Each individual letter is a piece of lead.  I worked on the type for several nights this week.  It takes a lot of patience to set this type--this is how entire newspapers used to be printed!  I can also print from magnesium plates if I want to print something like a design for an invitation, etc. (that is much less time consuming, but more expensive)

From Letterpress

From Letterpress

The type in the press with the rollers with ink below it

From Letterpress

A video of me printing!  


Anonymous said...

u look like an ol pro already- I was in knoxville this weekend and walked by Yee Haw Industries and thought of you!

Jessica said...

Wow that is so cool! Neat to actually get to see how it all works!

Cozette said...

I am so proud of you my daughter-in-law Elizabeth. You fell in love with my son and married him and you fell in love with the letterpress and are jumping right in. I love your tenacity! So like me :)
Mom in Boise

Beth said...

I've never been so enthralled to watch 30 sheets of paper get pressed as I was just then. Thank you Liz. :) ha, no for real though, pretty cool! I gotta know more of how you got interested in this! Back to emailing you...